Viridium Pacific is based in British Columbia, and involved in consumer wellness and biotech innovation. With interests spanning across agricultural production, property development, and financial services, Viridium Pacific is positioned to develop and expand into new markets across multiple platforms. Viridium Pacific is the parent company of several operating subsidiaries, including Experion Biotechnologies Inc., an Health Canada licensed producer.

We are listed on the TSX-Venture exchange under the symbol "VIR".

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Investor Relations

Viridium Pacific is commited to transparency and corporate governance best practices with all of our stakeholders.

  • Stock Exchange Listing: TSX Venture Exchange

  • Stock Exchange Symbol: VIR.V

Shareholder & Investor Contact:


Renmark Financial Communications Inc.
Melanie Barbeau: mbarbeau@renmarkfinancial.com
Tel: (416) 644-2020 or (514) 939-3989